Detailed Commercial Cleaning Service in Wilmington, NC
Open 24 hours
Detailed Commercial Cleaning Service in Wilmington, NC
Open 24 hours

Office Cleaning

office cleaning services wilmington ncKeep your office space clean and comfortable with our top-quality office cleaning services in Wilmington, NC. Offices are busy places. Workers in and out. Deliveries all day long. Food left in strange places. The list is endless.

The point is – offices get dirty, cluttered, germ-ridden, and borderline gross. It’s just part of office life.

You can’t change that, but you can have a fresh office that looks and feels clean – with the right commercial cleaning company.

The team at Atlantic Property Cleaning can handle any dirty office job you throw at us. Whether you need weekly or bi-weekly service, your office will look and feel 10x cleaner.

What We Do in Office Cleaning

  • We wipe down all exposed surfaces.
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum all floors.
  • Our streak-free glass cleaning works wonders on windows and doors.
  • Trash bins are emptied then sanitized with earth-friendly products, then liners replaced.
  • We even clean baseboards, and dust picture frames and blinds.
  • Upon request – our COVID-killing formula is sprayed throughout the office.

It doesn’t stop there. Atlantic Property Cleaning works with you to create a custom cleaning plan. Needs change and so do budgets. We’re in this together with our clients, so we adapt your cleaning plan as needed.

Today is the day you start feeling better about where you and your people work.