Detailed Commercial Cleaning Service in Wilmington, NC
Open 24 hours
Detailed Commercial Cleaning Service in Wilmington, NC
Open 24 hours

Common Areas and Halls

Common Areas and Halls Cleaning Services Common Areas and Halls of your commercial facility are used by various people.

For example, the same meeting room used by company officials and visitors may be used by employees who work in dirty conditions. Hallways and bathrooms are other examples.

You want these areas to look as clean and professional as possible because you never know who will be using them.

At Atlantic Property Cleaning, we intend to present your company image as spotless.

What We Do in Common Areas and Halls Cleaning

  • In each of these areas, we take care of glass, windows, furniture, and all exposed surfaces with our eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Door handles, light switches, and other touchpoints are wiped down to kill germs and viruses.
  • We organize tables and countertops to present an uncluttered relaxed environment.
  • Restrooms get extra attention. We go overboard with a detailed checklist to ensure no one complains about a dirty restroom.
  • Trash is removed and liners replaced. Sinks, toilets, and urinals are 100% scrubbed and sanitized to protect the health of company workers. Paper products are stocked up as well as soap dispensers.
  • Our COVID-killing cleaner is used in these common areas also.
  • The difference is night and day between a dirty area and a clean healthy area you’re proud to walk past every day.

    And that’s our goal with every commercial facility we serve. So please contact us today so you can enjoy the cleanliness you and your team deserve at your workplace.