Detailed Commercial Cleaning Service in Wilmington, NC
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Detailed Commercial Cleaning Service in Wilmington, NC
Open 24 hours

Break Room Cleaning

Break Room Cleaning Service Wilmington, NC

Break Room Cleaning is vital for employee health and productivity. Our break room cleaning services can help ensure your employees have a spotless and comfortable space to unwind and recharge.

As you know, a break room can be one of the messiest places in an entire facility. It’s bound to end up this way with employees storing food, using microwaves and refrigerators, then eating at the tables.

Food messes in a break room can really make a company look bad. Visitors and even company executives may see it since they use vending machines on occasion too.

Atlantic Property Cleaning knows a break room should look uncluttered, free of food spills, and shiny. It should be a welcoming area where your valued employees can eat meals and rest without seeing any dirt or dust, and feel they are eating in a sanitary space.

What We Do in Break Room Cleaning

  • All the small appliances are thoroughly cleaned to remove leftover food and splatters. Coffee makers and microwaves are magnets for germs and stains.
  • The sink area is 100% sanitized. This includes the faucet, handles, and areas around the sink. We also ensure paper towels and napkins are fully stocked for your workers.
  • Tables, chairs, counters, and cabinets will be straightened up by our team then wiped down fully.
  • To make sure germs don’t spread, we sanitize door handles, light switches, vending machines, and other objects that come in contact with dirty hands.
  • Lastly, we sweep, mop, or vacuum all floors.

We can create a custom plan to keep your break room looking clean and tidy, so contact us today.